Olive Wood Product Line

We are thrilled to announce we have launched our new product line of olive wood. We have food dishes, bowls, serving spoons, cutting boards and much more, all made out of 100% olive wood from ancient olive trees that are no longer producing fruit.

Olive wood is hard, heavy and strong with a high overall density. Its unique grains and warm tones distinguish it from all other woods. The olive wood contains brown streaks that contrast beautifully with the lighter yellow streaks. The wood’s slightly sweet smell is particularly noticeable and will generally retain its aroma for many years.

The olive wood grows under the Mediterranean sun, benefiting from a hot and dry climate. The city of Sfax, Tunisia is known for their abundance of olive trees. Most of these trees grow to be centuries old, allowing the wood to mature and strengthen for maximum durability. The high density and interlocked grain of olive wood requires the careful work of skilled and experienced artisans. Olive wood takes very well to polishing and a fine luster can be achieved with frequent coats of olive oil.

The beautiful structure of the olive wood grain makes for very attractive kitchen and tableware pieces. Once the products are cut, sculpted and sanded, they are coated with only olive oil to preserve their quality. Each olive wood product is hand crafted and perfected by a skilled artisan who transforms a rough tree outline into a finished masterpiece. Each handcrafted olive wood piece possesses unique characteristics, color and style.

No harsh chemicals or sealants are added to the olive wood, making them food safe and eco-friendly. Our products are all-natural and contain only natural substances. They are safe to use for cooking, serving and normal everyday use.

All of our products are both beautiful and useful. We have also made a few into customizable gift sets that can be found Here. To see all of our new product line Click Here.




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