Myths, Tricks, and Truth

recent article posted on Fox News has covered common myths and misinformation in the olive oil world. With olive oil being a common staple in households today it is important to know the basic “rules” and facts about our beloved olive oil.

The article may only covers 6 topics however, they are the most important. Everything from identifying a high quality oil to  (my favorite) where to store your oil. I cannot express how common it is to see kitchens with the olive oil on or next to the stove! A HUGE no-no! Prolonged exposure to heat will speed up spoiling and ruin your olive oil. The best place you can store your olive oil is in a dark cool place like a pantry or cupboard far from your stove or other heat source.

One topic the article doesn’t cover is the importance of knowing where your olive oil is coming from and what is in it. This New York Times article explains the uprising importance of paying close attention to where your olive oil is produced. California olive oil is proving to be the better choice when buying your pantry staple. Contrary to belief many Italian imports are riddled with false truths and substandard ingredients. Some Italian producers are known to do anything from using chemicals to alter flavor and scent, to cutting high quality olive oil with canola or other oils.

On the other end of the spectrum California olive oil farmers have been practicing self-imposed standards in purity and quality when producing olive oil. Something that has finally been adopted by the state of California in recent news. More on those standards can be read in this article by the Olive Oil Times. These standards and practices make Robbins Family Farm and other California olive oil producers some of the highest quality olive oil producers on the market and should be taken into account the next time you make an olive oil purchase.

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