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Robbins Family Farm California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Robbins Family Farm California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are a small producer of Italian, Spanish, and California olive oil varietals in San Luis Obispo, California. Our 1972 honeymoon in the Spanish countryside gave us our first experience of olive groves and olive oil. The site of the trees and the aroma and taste of the oil fresh from the mill remained with us.

In the 1990’s we returned to the Central Coast of California where we rediscovered the wonders of California olive oil and planted our own orchards.

We sustainably grow our trees and hand pick our olives using traditional olive rakes and chest buckets as seen on our Tuscan Blend label.

The olives are milled within just a few hours of picking to assure the highest quality and freshness. After harvest and 2 months of racking* (still done by just a few makers here in California) the family tastes and blends our oils for the year.

Our maritime influenced Mediterranean climate with cool mornings, warm long days and crisp evenings adds to the distinctive flavor of our oils.

To maintain maximum taste and freshness we hand bottle just prior to selling or shipping.

*To draw off the olive oil from the sediment and move to a new sterilized container to maintain superior quality.


Robbins Family Farm Balsamic Vinegar


In the autumn of 2004, we spent harvest season studying olive production in the small Italian hill town of Tavernelle, Umbria. During our free time we visited many local Balsamic makers and tried their wondrous creations. We left Italy with a true appreciation of this art.

After tasting many Balsamic vinegars, we decided to Import our Balsamic from Modena Italy to compliment our California Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

All of our Balsamic Vinegars are aged for over 18 years giving each a thick sweet flavor most similar to a reduced balsamic.

Our flavored Balsamic Vinegars are 100% naturally flavored with fruit purees or citrus peel oils, never artificial flavors or added preservatives.

We strive on staying natural, local and organic.

I never knew how wonderful olive oil and balsamic could be until Robbins Family Farm. Thank you for helping me discover what my cooking has been missing!

I can’t properly express how wonderful Robbins Family Farms products are, but I’ll do my best. I use their olive oil and balsamic daily. There is hardly a time I can’t find a reason to use their products. Hands down the best balsamic I have ever tasted! Its so rich and sweet… heavenly!  As they say “Simply Delicious”!

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