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For the month of March Robbins Family Farm is showcasing a local Atascadero honey company, TheraBee.

TheraBee is a small family business dedicated to the survival of our honeybees, the pureness of our honey and the quality and healthiness of our skin and body care products. We personally tend our hives, harvest, extract and bottle the honey by hand. We also help, support and purchase honey from other California beekeepers that honor the same values and philosophies as we do.

We are not migratory beekeepers or commercial pollinators. As journalist Hannah Nordhaus writes in her 2011 book, The Beekeeper’s Lament, Honeybees… “are the glue that holds our agricultural system together.” Or to put it another way, they are responsible for 1 out of every 3 mouthfuls of food you eat. Honeybees need honey to survive, so we are very careful to let them have all the honey they need.

The use of pure, unfiltered honey as part of the TheraBee skin and body care line fits into the philosophy behind our products and the legacy of our parent company, Life Elements, which is to make products that are healthy and safe for your body. Pure raw honey and the associated materials bees use to sustain themselves, like propolis, royal jelly, pollen and beeswax are marvels of nature and incredible raw materials for bees to sustain their own lives. Using them as ingredients for TheraBee products means you get something you can use in or on your body with absolutely no fear of chemicals or synthetic additives. Rest assured and feel positive about the fact that our products are healthy, sustainable and good for you. The result is pure bee goodness!

You can take a more detailed look at our Mission, Vision Values and Inspirations here.


TheraBee Artisan Honey is made by bees born and bred in the USA! It’s full of rich flavors and healthy nutrients.

We never heat our honey, however, the temperatures in our region near Paso Robles, CA can reach up to 108 degrees in the summer – the hottest temperature it is ever exposed to, and we simply strain it just once to remove large chunks of bees wax and floating bees. This ensures we leave all the pure bee goodness that’s beneficial to our health.

Click here to watch how we harvest and extract TheraBee Artisan Honey.

Because the bees forage through hundreds of acres and on thousands of plants, bushes and flowers, we will never claim our honey to be organic, nor give it a specific flavor profile –  we simply call it Wildflower!

It is this amazing Wildflower honey that serves as the base for our incredibly delicious Culinary Honey.


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